STRAINSERT force sensing clevis pins are typically designed to measure from 50 to well over 1 million pounds. A few typical applications include:

  • Structural Tests
  • Rocket Reaction Forces
  • Mooring Lines
  • Winch/Crane/Lifting Systems
  • Aircraft Wing Joints
  • Testing Machines
  • Landing Gear Clevis Joints
  • Sheave Axles
  • Sprocket, Pulley Axles
  • Hydraulic Actuator
  • Conveyors
  • Bomb Bay/Cargo Doors
  • Nuclear Fuel Rod control
  • Railroad/Towbar Connections

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    Unit of Measure

    General Information


    The internally gaged Clevis Pin (invented by Strainsert, U.S. Patent No. 3,695,096) is designed to measure forces transmitted/supported through pin joints. The force sensing pins allow direct, accurate, and repeatable measurements with pins from 1/4” diameter to over 10” diameter, in almost every type of pin joint. Although Strainsert offers Clevis Pin designs which exists for common applications, it is not always possible or economical for a customer to modify existing equipment or clevis arrangement. Therefore, Strainsert also designs and manufactures many custom pins tailored for unique applications and installations. Strainsert’s designs combine over 40 years of design experience along with an automated manufacturing process to provide reliable, cost effective and fully configured transducer systems. Furthermore, Strainsert can offer tremendous design flexibility to accommodate both low/high measurement load for a given pin diameter, custom loading geometries, different materials, high factors of safety, special finishes, fatigue designs, high pressure applications or other special requirements. The Strainsert approach to custom designs starts with a one-on-one dialogue between our designers and the customer to ensure that the optimal design is achieved. Strainsert quickly and efficiently develops a customer drawing which is provided to the customer for approval prior to manufacturing. This approach provides the customer with added assurance that the clevis pin is designed to specification.

    Strainsert’s confidence in custom pin designs is reflected in our ability to provide a two year warranty on all custom designs as well as providing technical support as required.