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    Dual bridge gaging provides two independent strain gage circuits. This option is advantageous for controlling multiple feedback systems as well as providing redundant force-measuring capability.

  • Internal amplifier

    Integral signal conditioning, built into the pin, provides a high level 4 – 20 ma output, while maintaining pin ruggedness and durability.
    Consult Factory regarding 4-Wire Amplifier

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    When both the magnitude and the direction of the load are unknown, the vector measurement is possible using a Strainsert force sensing pin instrumented with two strain-gage bridges oriented 90° apart around the circumference. The cross-section of the pin shows the two sets of strain gages, the Y bridge will sense force component Py, while the X bridge will sense forces in the Px direction, 90° to Py. The outputs from the two bridges, Ex and Ey, can be measured and the resultant force magnitude and direction can be determined (see Biaxial Schematic Image.)

    *Certain custom pin geometry and bridge to bridge effects (cross-talk) may result in a measurement accuracy of 5% or greater. For such cases, Strainsert can provide a correction algorithm to minimize errors.

  • Deep Sea Clevis Pin_page25_new

    The Strainsert deep sea/high pressure Clevis Pin provides the ability to measure force at clevis joints under high-pressure conditions. Complete systems are available, and include the Instrumented Clevis Pin, cabling, and a digital display indicator.