Digital Strain Gage Modules (DSC) are compact, high performance strain gage digital signal conditioner modules. They are aimed at applications which require high measurement accuracy, resolution, and stability. The module and sensor may be powered by a typical DC power supply and communicates using standard or custom bus communications and protocols. Outputs include RS-232, RS-485, and CAN. Available protocols include ASCII, CAN, and Modbus.

The DSC may be mounted in several ways, including standard or custom enclosures.

Software tools are included for quick and convenient interfacing with device configuration, calibration, datalogging, and recording. A standard Windows DLL is provided for creating custom applications.

Contact Strainsert Engineering for assistance with mounting options using either standard and custom solutions, systems integration, or software development.
Unit of Measure

Features & Benefits

N/A Miniature package that fits into small enclosures.
Ideal for single or multiple sensor systems.
Up to 500 readings/second.
Software tools included.


N/A Aerospace
Industrial Weighing


Bridge Measurement

N/A 4-wire

Bridge Excitation Voltage

N/A 4.5 to 5.25 (5 typical) VDC

Bridge Resistance

N/A 320 to 5,000 (350, typical) Ohms

Bridge Sensitivity

N/A 3 to 3 (2.5, typical) mV/V

Stability with Temperature, Offset

N/A 1 to 4 ppm/°C (0.6 to 2.2 ppm/°F)

Stability with Temperature, Gain

N/A 3 to 5 ppm/°C (1.7 to 2.8 ppm/°F)

Stability with Time, Offset

N/A 80, maximum (20, typical) ppm/F.R

Stability with Time, Gain

N/A 30, maximum (first year) ppm/F.R

Non-Linearity before Linearization

N/A 25, maximum (5, typical) ppm/F.R

Internal Resolution

N/A 16 Million counts/divisions

Resolution at 1Hz (noise stable) over 100s

N/A 200,000 counts/divisions

Resolution at 10Hz (noise stable) over 100s

N/A 120,000 counts/divisions

Resolution at 100Hz (noise stable) over 100s

N/A 50,000 counts/divisions

Resolution at 500Hz (noise stable) over 100s

N/A 18,000 counts/divisions

Signal Filter

N/A Dynamic recursive type - user programmable

Power Supply voltage

N/A 5.8 to 18 (12, recommended) VDC

Power Supply ripple

N/A 100, maximum mVAC PK-to-PK

Power Supply current

N/A 60, maximum (45, typical max. with 350 Ohm Bridge) mA

Power Supply wattage

N/A 450, typical with 350 Ohm Bridge mW

Temperature Range, Operating

N/A -40 to 85 °C (-40 to 185 °F)

Temperature Range, Storage

N/A -40 to 85 °C (-40 to 185 °F)


N/A 0 to 95 %RH

Data transmission rate, RS232

N/A 2,400 - 230,400 bps

Data transmission rate, RS485

N/A 2,400 - 230,400 bps

Data transmission rate, CAN

N/A 20K - 1M bps

Data cable length, RS232

N/A 15 to 20 meters (49 to 66 feet), maximum. (Depending on Data Transmission rate, Single sensor only).

Data cable length, RS485 & CAN

N/A 1,000 meters (3,280 feet), maximum (Dependent on Data transmission rate and number of sensors)

DSC module mounting and interconnection

DSC module mounting and interconnection

Enclosure Specifications

Enclosure Specifications