The Strainsert SJB Series SummingJunction Boxes are for parallel averagingof 2 to 4 similar transducers. Thestandard SJB is available in a NEMA-12 steel enclosure (NEMA-4X packagesare optionally available). TheNEMA-12 comes in both a connectorstyle and a cord grip style (NEMA-4Xavailable with cord grips only). Cordgrips accept cables with diametersbetween 0.250” to 0.375” inches. Theremoval of a gasket-tight lid enablesthe user to make cable wireconnections to screw type terminalblocks mounted on an internalcircuit board. Overall enclosuredimension are 7.5” (L) x 4.25” (W)x 3.5” (H).
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N/A NEMA-12, Enclosure with Cord Grip Interface