The Model PLND4 is a 4-1/2 digit indicator made for use with any full bridge strain gage type transducer. Indication is direct.

No multipliers are required. Simple operation. For normal use only two controls are involved: turn on the power switch, set the no load balance or tare reading to zero, and begin reading applied loads.

Alternate display units are available.

A calibration check function is included to provide a quick test of the transducer and instrument integrity.

The read out system is fully contained in a rugged and durable aluminum alloy case.

Power is provided by a set of rechargeable batteries. Batteries and a recharger, operable on 110 Vac or 220 Vac, are included within the housing. A detachable power cord is included for recharging.

Battery power provides 10 – 15 hours of continuous use depending on transducer bridge resistance. A ratiometric measuring system prevents battery decay from degrading system accuracy. When the battery voltage level drops to a preset value, a visible indicator signals the need for recharging.

Nickel Cadmium Batteries and Recharger included.
Transducer cable connector: PT06A-10-6P(SR)
Visual Display of Low Battery, Over Range, Polarity.

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Unit of Measure



N/A 4-1/2 digit

Display Accuracy

N/A ±4 count (after 15 min. warm-up)

Display Size

N/A 0.52" High LED Display

Zero Balance Range

N/A ±20% full scale (FS)

Calibration Check

N/A Preset to approximately 80% F.S.

Operating Temp

N/A +32° to +122°F 0° to +50°C

Storage Temp

N/A -20 to +75°C -4 to +167°F

Case Size

N/A 6” (W) x 6” (H) x 9” (L)


N/A 5 lb2 oz

Bridge Resistance

N/A 120 Ohm 350 Ohm