Features of Strainsert Load Sensing Clevis Pins

  • Easy Installation: By replacing pins in Crosby (or Equivalent) wire rope socket, with minimum machining alterations (2-tapped holes), and hardware (2-bolts, keeper plate).
  • Precise Cable Load Sensing: Complete bridge circuit bonded and sealed inside small hole along longitudinal axis of Pin, calibrated in the direction of the applied load.
  • Rugged: Self protecting nature of strain gage installation sealed in small hole, and has proven to be immune to harsh environment.
  • Accuracy: Strainsert Load Sensing Clevis Pins have combined error due to repeatability and non-linearity less than 1% of rated load typically.

    Typical Load Sensing Applications

  • End of Whip Line Winch
  • Clam Shell
  • Boom Pendant Cable Support
  • Crane Hoist Cables
  • Mooring Lines
  • Bridge Support Cables
  • Dead End of Winch Pulley System
    …and any application where load indication on a wire rope clevis is required.

    Custom Pin design performance and specification may vary with design requirements.

    Note: All Load Pins can be fit with a permanently attached cable

    Model SPA-100 (SS)X shown
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Item #

Wire Rope Diameter

Load Capacity

A - Width of Center Loading Section

B - Width of Clevis Support Section


Keeper Plates


SPA-12.5 (SS) X N/A 0.44 – 0.50 Inch N/A 12500 lb N/A 11/16 in N/A 15/32 in N/A 1.7 lb N/A SPA-12.5-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO
SPA-16 (SS) X N/A 0.56–0.63 Inch N/A 16000 lb N/A 13/16 in N/A 17/32 in N/A 2.1 lb N/A SPA-16-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO
SPA-25 (SS) X N/A 0.75 Inch N/A 25000 lb N/A 15/16 in N/A 19/32 in N/A 2.6 lb N/A SPA-25-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO
SPA-32 (SS) X N/A 0.88 Inch N/A 32000 lb N/A 1-1/8 in N/A 11/16 in N/A 3.5 lb N/A SPA-32-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO
SPA-50 (SS) X N/A 1.00 Inch N/A 50000 lb N/A 1-7/16 in N/A 23/32 in N/A 5.5 lb N/A SPA-50-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO
SPA-65 (SS) X N/A 1.13 Inch N/A 65000 lb N/A 1-5/8 in N/A 13/16 in N/A 7.5 lb N/A SPA-65-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO
SPA-75 (SS) X N/A 1.25–1.38 Inch N/A 75000 lb N/A 1-7/8 in N/A 15/16 in N/A 10.0 lb N/A SPA-75-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO
SPA-100 (SS) X N/A 1.50 Inch N/A 100000 lb N/A 2 in N/A 1-1/8 in N/A 13.0 lb N/A SPA-100-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO
SPA-125 (SS) X N/A 1.63 Inch N/A 125000 lb N/A 2-5/16 in N/A 1-3/32 in N/A 17.0 lb N/A SPA-125-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO
SPA-160 (SS) X N/A 1.75–1.88 Inch N/A 160000 lb N/A 2-5/8 in N/A 1-5/16 in N/A 26.0 lb N/A SPA-160-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO
SPA-180 (SS) X N/A 2.00–2.13 Inch N/A 180000 lb N/A 3 in N/A 1-5/8 in N/A 33.0 lb N/A SPA-180-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO
SPA-220 (SS) X N/A 2.25–2.38 Inch N/A 220000 lb N/A 3-1/4 in N/A 1-15/16 in N/A 49.0 lb N/A SPA-220-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO
SPA-275 (SS) X N/A 2.50–2.63 Inch N/A 275000 lb N/A 3-11/16 in N/A 2-5/32 in N/A 66.0 lb N/A SPA-275-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO
SPA-300 (SS) X N/A 2.75–2.88 Inch N/A 300000 lb N/A 3-7/8 in N/A 2-11/16 in N/A 83.0 lb N/A SPA-300-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO
SPA-330 (SS) X N/A 3.00–3.13 Inch N/A 330000 lb N/A 4-3/16 in N/A 2-27/32 in N/A 95.0 lb N/A SPA-330-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO
SPA-360 (SS) X N/A 3.25–3.38 Inch N/A 360000 lb N/A 4-1/2 in N/A 3 in N/A 110.0 lb N/A SPA-360-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO
SPA-400 (SS) X N/A 3.50–3.63 Inch N/A 400000 lb N/A 4-5/8 in N/A 3-3/16 in N/A 155.0 lb N/A SPA-400-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO
SPA-600 (SS) X N/A 3.75–4.00 Inch N/A 600000 lb N/A 5-3/8 in N/A 3-3/16 in N/A 200.0 lb N/A SPA-600-112-1-A N/A CAL5-LO (up to 500,000 lbs.)
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